The COVID Vaccine: Debates, Distrust, and Disparities - Exploring Ethics

4/9/2021; 58 minutes

Creating vaccines was only the first hurdle in ending the spread of COVID-19. Limited vaccine supplies, the need for specialized storage, and careful administration techniques have led to restrictions and the creation of vaccine priority lists. The need for specialized storage and techniques compounds the difficulties of reaching rural, indigenous, and homeless populations. Members of some populations of color and ethnic groups lack trust in the health care establishment due to a long and ongoing history of maltreatment and systemic racism. All of these factors, combined with need for internet access, flexible schedules, and transportation to vaccine sites are barriers to achieving the high vaccination rates needed for herd immunity. How do we reach this goal in the most equitable, reasonable and humane way possible, particularly in our San Diego community? This panel will be a conversation about vaccine distrust and disparities in San Diego County. Recorded on 03/24/2021. (#36824)

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