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Primetime Tonight (Pacific): Friday January 27, 2023

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Schedule for 1/27/2023
12:00 AM Rescuing Phenotypes in PTHS-Derived Brain Organoids with Alysson Muotri - Sanford Stem Cell Symposium 2022
12:30 AM One Niche to Rule Them All: Stem Cell-Lymphatic Interactome in Regeneration and Cancer with Shiri Gur-Cohen - Sanford Stem Cell Symposium 2022
1:00 AM Health in Space: Developing New Tools for the Trip to Mars
2:00 AM Return to Apollo: Geologic Evolution of a Young Moon
3:00 AM Monitors and Meddlers: How Foreign Actors Influence Local Trust in Elections
4:00 AM Fresh Thinking on U.S. Policies Toward Authoritarian States in the Americas
5:00 AM Journalist Jean Guerrero on Politics and Immigration
6:00 AM Autism in Hollywood - Autism Tree Global Neuroscience Conference 2022
7:30 AM Implantable Devices to Diagnose and Treat Cardiac Rhythm Disorders
9:00 AM A First Generation Ph.D. Student in Materials Science with Maritza Sanchez
9:30 AM 2022 UC Davis-Financial Times Biz Quiz Finals
10:00 AM Design at Large: Future of Work and Higher Education
11:00 AM Emma Rose Cohen - Former "Mermaid" and Co-founder of FinalStraw
12:00 PM CARTA: Impact of Tool Use & Technology on the Evolution of the Human Mind - Marcus Feldman, Dorothy Fragaszy, Dietrich Stout
1:00 PM Pictures and Snapshots: Nielsen, Fung, Mussorgsky - La Jolla Symphony & Chorus
2:30 PM Efficient Arrays - La Jolla Symphony & Chorus
4:00 PM A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon: Technology Issues in Human Spaceflight
5:00 PM Special Effects: Russian Doll
6:00 PM An Evening "On Being" with Krista Tippett -- Writer's Symposium By The Sea 2018
7:00 PM America’s Jewish Women
8:00 PM Special Effects: Russian Doll
9:00 PM An Evening "On Being" with Krista Tippett -- Writer's Symposium By The Sea 2018
10:00 PM America’s Jewish Women
11:00 PM Ellas in Concert
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