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UCSD-TV is unlike anything else on local television. UCSD-TV reflects San Diego's rich intellectual and cultural diversity through television programs that are unique in their intent and scope. As a university based station, UCSD-TV has unusual access to people and events that impact both the campus community and the greater San Diego region. The station's non-commercial status gives it the autonomy to create content based strictly on relevance, interest and merit and is able to devote significant airtime to in-depth coverage of new ideas, key issues and emerging talent. After more than two decades of broadcasting success, UCSD-TV believes that enlightenment and entertainment need not be mutually exclusive.


Mary Lindenstein Walshok
General Manager
Associate Vice Chancellor, Extended Studies and Public Programs

Lynn Burnstan
Managing Director

UCSD-TV Producers

Production and Post Production

    Mike Weber

    Matt Alioto

    Marci Bretts

On-Air Operations

    Steve Anderson

    Matthew Gaffney

Web Development

    Melissa Weber


    Juanita LaHaye

Office Administration

    Natalie Ann Syster

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