Educational Programming for Teachers

Educational programming at UCSD-TV provides students, parents, and teachers access to programs to enrich their classroom experience and preparation for college.

Teacher's PET on UCTV

UC Television offers professional education for teachers at UCTV's Teacher's PET. Visit Teacher's PET to enrich the classroom experience, stay up to date on research developments, obtain California Grade Standards for programs, and prepare students (and their parents) for college.

Atoms to X-Rays
Discover the newest advances and research in physical sciences through presentations about the activities of UCSD's Division of Physical Sciences. Explore learning activities to understand the universe from inside the atom to beyond the xray.
College Bound
Intended for middle school and high school students (and their parents), College Bound is dedicated to helping students achieve their dream of attending college. With the help of videos, online resources, articles, and printable guides, College Bound provides practical and timely information for students so they can compete effectively for college admission.
Musicians and Middle Schools
Created for middle school students, Musicians and Middle Schools fosters direct engagement with creativity by students through personal encounters with some of the major musical creators of our time.
Nature Matters
Nature Matters brings you cutting-edge scientists whose studies of the genetics, behaviors, and interactions among organisms and their environments pave the way for scientifically informed conservation. Join us for a series that will provide new insights into the challenges faced by the natural world and how modern research in ecology can provide answers for better environmental stewardship.
Science Matters
Discover the newest advances and research in life sciences through presentations about the activities of UCSD's Division of Biological Sciences. View videos and explore learning activities to understand how this science matters to you.
Perspectives on Ocean Science
Tune in to see Perspectives on Ocean Science, Birch Aquarium at Scripps's monthly lecture series that provides concise, comprehensive presentations of research conducted worldwide by Scripps Institution of Oceanography scientists. Enhance your lesson plans and learn about science at Scripps while you travel with leading researchers along their paths to discovery around the world. Visit Birch Aquarium's web site to access engaging marine science features from live "cams" to science experiments for kids.
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