Clark Kerr and the Californian Model of Higher Education

12/8/2014; 81 minutes

Fifty years on, Clark Kerr's multiversity and the Californian Master Plan for higher education stand as signal high points in the building of not just great public institutions but high participation modern human society. Simon Marginson, Professor of International Higher Education at the Institute of Education in London, explains that key features of the Californian Model have become a universal template for research universities and system design. Seminal ideas and practices of higher education developed by Clark Kerr, Martin Trow, Burton Clark and others continue to colonize the thinking of policy makers, scientists, scholars, students and citizens, with profound effects not just in the United States but in every country. Yet the Californian Model of Higher Education - which long appeared everywhere else to be ahead of its time – was also specific to its own time and place. The conditions in which it was born, and which nurtured its flourishing, have changed. Recorded on 09/30/2013. (#28794)

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