Shoah: Four Sisters

6/25/2019; 43 minutes

Archivist Regina Longo (Brown University) joins UCSB's Harold Marcuse (Department of History) for a discussion of Claude Lanzmann's final film Shoah: Four Sisters (2018), a four-part miniseries that was screened over two days at the Pollock Theater. Longo's work includes extensive restoration of Claude Lanzmann's landmark documentary footage of testimonials from the Holocaust, and in conversation with Marcuse she offers deeper insight into the history of the film and the women it concerns. Longo explains how Lanzmann's Shoah was initially funded and produced, how hundreds of hours of footage is being carefully restored from original prints and made available online, and how Four Sisters both influences and is situated in a legacy of film, legal testimony, memoir, and other post-war efforts to represent the un-representable horror of the Shoah. Recorded on 04/28/2019. (#34842)

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