Personalized Medicine, Big Data and Innovating to Improve HIV Care with Jeffrey Crowley -- Exploring Ethics

11/5/2015; 58 minutes

HIV-related stigma and discrimination are alive and well. Despite civil rights laws and protections related to the disclosure of protected health information, people with HIV often worry about their status being disclosed and when that happens, it can cause serious harm. At the same time, exciting work is being done at UC San Diego and elsewhere to integrate HIV surveillance and clinical data to increase engagement in care. Jeffrey Crowley, a Distinguished Scholar and Program Director of the National HIV/AIDS Initiative at Georgetown Law, describes a new way of thinking about the competing impulses to protect privacy while sharing information that could lead to innovations in care. He examines existing privacy protections, explores how testing and counseling methods have shifted and how big data is impacting HIV treatment and prevention. This program is part of the Exploring Ethics series, presented by the Center for Ethics in Science and Technology. (#29858)

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