Neuromodulation: Diagnosis and Therapy for Brain and Spinal Cord Disorders - Exploring Ethics

3/16/2021; 86 minutes

Researchers are exploring the exciting possibility that electrical stimulation of nerve cells of brain and spinal cord could aid in tumor resections, monitor epilepsy, bypass spinal cord injury to cure paralysis, as well as treat other diseases of the nervous system and beyond. Bioelectronic neuromodulation devices are evolving as the gold standard and are projected to impact the lives of millions of people. At UC San Diego, collaborations across engineering and medicine aim to bring the latest technological advances to patient care. Shadi Dayeh, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UC San Diego, covers the development and clinical translation of UCSD's multi-thousand channel microelectrode arrays to map the human brain and spinal cord. The talk will provide a perspective on global efforts in neuromodulation devices and summarize lessons learned in the technological, medical, and regulatory fronts. Recorded on 03/03/2021. (#36819)

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