How to Maximize Bone Health

6/25/2022; 26 minutes

As we age, our bones become thinner and weaken. For older people this can lead to life-altering fractures. Our bones are growing, living tissue made up of calcium-based minerals, collagen and other proteins. Understanding your bone health - how well the minerals and proteins are working together to resist fracture - can help you and your doctor determine the best course of treatment. Paul Hansma, Ph.D., inventor and professor emeritus of physics at UC Santa Barbara, has been studying the protein 'glue' within our bones and how to measure it. In this program, Hansma discusses a new assessment called Bone Score, which, along with other diagnostic tests like measuring bone density, can give a more complete picture of overall bone health. The Bone Score assessment medical device was recently approved by the FDA. Hansma is a founder and investor in Active Life Scientific, a UC startup company that manufactures the equipment for Bone Score tests and runs the website. The views expressed in this video are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Active Life Scientific or the University of California. (#38054)

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