From Climate Stress to Activation: The Critical Role of the Health Professional

10/18/2021; 58 minutes

The climate crisis is impacting health, and health care professionals have a pivotal role as advocates for change. The climate crisis must be mitigated by vast reductions in carbon use. Physicians share how they have promoted advocacy, as well as effective ways of messaging, and how leaders serve as trusted sources of information for policymakers and local institutions, and change agents. Panelists: Mark Coleman, MS, author and nature meditation teacher; host, Nature Summit; Robin Cooper, MD, Volunteer Associate Clinical Professor, UCSF Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences; co-founder, Climate Psychiatry Alliance; Edward Maibach, PhD, Mason Distinguished University Professor, George Mason University; Ashley McClure, MD, co-founder, Climate Health Now; Kimberly Williams, PhD, PHR, Executive Director, The National Medical Association; Program Manager, Georgia Clinicians for Climate Action. Moderated by Elissa Epel, PhD, Vice Chair for Adult Psychology, UCSF. Recorded on 09/02/2021. (#37479)

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