CARTA: Domestication and Human Evolution: Domestication and Vocal Behavior in Finches; Did Homo Sapiens Self-Domesticate?; The Domesticated Brain

12/8/2014; 55 minutes

Recently, a convergence of views has led to the notion that the study of animal domestication may tell us something not only about our relationship with domesticated species since perhaps at least the Pleistocene, but also about our own evolution as a species in the more distant past. This symposium brings together scientists from a variety of research backgrounds to examine these views and to elucidate further the possible role of domestication in human evolution. Kazuo Okanoya (Univ of Tokyo) begins with a discussion about Domestication and Vocal Behavior in Finches, followed by Richard Wrangham (Harvard Univ), who tries to answer the question Did Homo sapiens Self-Domesticate?, and Terrence Deacon (UC Berkeley), who closes with The Domesticated Brain. Recorded on 10/10/2014. (#28893)

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