CARTA: Birth to Grandmotherhood: Childrearing in Human Evolution – Melvin Konner: Hunter-Gatherer Childhood and Human Evolution

2/9/2015; 22 minutes

Research on infancy and childhood among !Kung (Bushmen) hunter-gatherers of northwestern Botswana, the first hunting-gathering group where childhood was quantitatively studied, yielded a distinctive characterization of their patterns of child care and behavioral development, and surveys of prior ethnographic literature suggested that core features of these patterns were seen in other hunter-gatherers. In this lecture, Melvin Konner (Emory Univ) contextualizes these findings in the light of recent advances in our understanding of the evolution of human life histories and against the background of basic primate adaptations for infant and juvenile care. Recorded on 02/21/2014. (#28035)

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