Series Listing

  1. The crosscurrents in America and the impact on policy.
  2. Experts from Africa explore the latest on evolution.
  3. Explore the world of neuroscience and the secrets of the brain.
  4. Scholars and theologians explore religion in modern society.
  5. Information and tools to help college graduates with their careers.
  6. Exploring and explaining the origins of the human phenomenon.
  7. The domestication of other species and the evolution of modern humans.
  8. A fresh look at aggression, both between and within species.
  9. Tour of the many approaches to anthopogeny
  10. Explorations of the extraordinary variations of the human mind.
  11. The evolution of human language.
  12. Explore the evolutionary origins of human imagination.
  13. Impact of tool use on evolution and the mind.
  14. Evidence bearing on the emergence of our genus Homo.
  15. Explore why humans became hunters as well as gatherers.
  16. Human skin in an explicitly evolutionary framework.
  17. Nascent developments and the future of computing.
  18. Annual endowed lecture related to field of law and society.
  19. Experts discuss ethical implications of new science and technology.
  20. Exploring the frontiers of knowledge in science and technology.
  21. Current and valuable information to improve your health.
  22. Lectures that advance humanitarian purposes and objectives.
  23. Exploring human evolution to understand human diseases.
  24. Impact of early experience on adult brain structure and function.
  25. Engaging marine science lectures from Birch Aquarium at Scripps.
  26. Music presentations from the La Jolla Music Society.
  27. Presenting ground-breaking, traditional and contemporary music.
  28. Annual lecture series on pediatric health issues.
  29. Series on future of Mexico
  30. In-depth information on pregnancy, childbirth, and baby's first year.
  31. Science with one goal entertainment!
  32. Science and research at the University of California.
  33. Prestigious guest speakers on newsworthy topics.
  34. Cancer, as seen through the lens of "The Emperor of All Maladies."
  35. Leaders share their knowledge and experience on peace-related issues.
  36. Hands-on lessons in engineering, careers, and more.
  37. Cecil Lytle and guests perform to benefit the Preuss School at UCSD.
  38. Workforce development initiatives in San Diego County.
  39. Cutting-edge research occurring at The Scripps Research Institute.
  40. UCSD Stem Cell Program presents So-Cal Stem Cell Colloquia.
  41. The value of adding Arts to STEM Education.
  42. A deep dive into the science and impact of stem cells.
  43. The impact of stem cells on health and medicine.
  44. The site-specific artwork of the Stuart Collection at UCSD.
  45. Coding, hyperdimensional computing, building robots and more.
  46. Explore the good life with UC San Diego teachers and scholars.
  47. Policy makers, policy critics, and innovative policy thinkers.
  48. A celebration showcasing the knowledge and innovation at UC San Diego.
  49. Annual program for intermediate to advanced level musicians.
  50. The latest news and research on vitamin D.
  51. Using vitamin D and sunshine to optimize health.
  52. Conversations, readings and more with visiting writers.
  53. Conversations with best-selling authors.
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