Stem Cells and Space: Global Astrobiotechnology Hub

4/26/2024; 54 minutes

Marking the one-year anniversary of the Global Astrobiotechnology Hub, an esteemed panel convenes to envision the future of space exploration and stem cell research. Central to their discussion is the imperative to enhance accessibility and expedite scientific inquiry in space. They advocate for a shift towards establishing regular access to space, enabling frequent dispatches of payloads and experiments. They highlight the pressing need to advance technology to democratize space research, opening doors for nontraditional researchers from industry, academia, and beyond. They emphasize the significance of scientist-astronauts who possess a nuanced understanding of research methodologies. Emphasizing the importance of public engagement, they underscore the need to disseminate research findings widely and mentor the upcoming generation of scientists. Recorded on 02/26/2024. (#39528)

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