The Science of Laughter and Chocolate with Dr. Lee Berk and Ryan Berk - Frank B. Roehr Memorial Lecture

6/9/2016; 56 minutes

Lee Berk, Professor at Loma Linda University in California has spent nearly three decades studying the effects of a good laugh on your brain and body, including hormone and immune systems. He is joined by his son, Ryan Berk, a chef and a chocolatier, as together they give a scientific presentation on the benefits of humor and chocolate for your health. They will also offer some practical tips on how to become healthier - with a hint of laughter and high quality, organic chocolate. This lecture is part of the Frank B. Roehr Memorial Lecture Series, which was established by Mr. Roehr's daughter, Suzanne Angelucci, to inform the public on topics associated with the power of humor and positive thinking. (#30523)

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