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California's Coast Redwood and the Land-Sea Connection
Date: 9/20/2005; 59 minutes

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California's State Tree, the coast redwood, is the tallest on Earth and sustains some of the highest growth rates ever measured in a conifer. How is this possible in a Mediterranean climate characterized by summer drought? Todd Dason of UC Berkeley explores the unique coastal climate of California and the connection between near-shore redwood forests, the Pacific Ocean and the biology of the magnificent redwood. (#9526)

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K-12 Educational Standards

Standards for Grade(s): 6

Biology/Life Sciences


5. Organisms in ecosystems exchange energy and nutrients among themselves and with the environment.

Standards for Grade(s): 7

Biology/Life Sciences

Structure and Function in Living Systems

5. The anatomy and physiology of plants and animals illustrate the complementary nature of structure and function.

Standards for Grade(s): 9-12

Biology/Life Sciences


6. Stability in an ecosystem is a balance between competing effects.

Earth Sciences

Biogeochemical Cycles

7. Each element on Earth moves among reservoirs, which exist in the solid earth, in oceans, in the atmosphere, and within and among organisms as part of biogeochemical cycles.

Standards for Grade(s): All Grades

Investigation and Experimentation

Scientific progress is made by asking meaningful questions and conducting careful investigations.

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