VIDEO: How Do We Know Humans are Impacting the Health of Our Planet? - Exploring Ethics - UCSD-TV - University of California Television
How Do We Know Humans are Impacting the Health of Our Planet? - Exploring Ethics
Date: 1/27/2020; 57 minutes
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The ocean plays a major role in regulating Earth's temperature through exchange of chemicals and microbes with the atmosphere. When waves break, ocean-derived biological species including viruses and bacteria are transferred into the atmosphere. These species can ultimately form clouds, altering precipitation and climate. Highlights will be presented of novel experiments being conducted in a unique ocean-atmosphere simulator developed by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Center for Aerosol Impacts on Chemistry of the Environment (CAICE). Kimberly Prather, Professor of Climate, Atmospheric Science, and Physical Oceanography at UC San Diego will focus on recent CAICE studies aimed at advancing our understanding of how the oceans influence human and planetary health. New insights will be discussed as well as future studies designed to unravel human versus microbial impacts on the changing Earth's system. (#35000)

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