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Your Own Personal Brain Map - Health Matters
Date: 11/18/2011; 28 minutes

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What do our brains share in common? What makes us unique? Dr. David Granet speaks with Dr. Jacopo Annese, about his effort to catalogue human brains based on their microscopic structure and personal history. Dr. Annese heads The Brain Observatory at UCSD where advanced neuroimaging technologies are used to create digital models of the whole human brain at cellular resolution. In addition, he gathers the life story and cognitive scores from those who bequest their brains to the program. With this information Annese offers an unprecedented holistic perspective on the human brain. To build this new "digital brain library," Annese relies on the generous brain donations from community members who want their legacy to be preserved and who also want to have a role in discovering how disease and aging act upon the brain, improving medical treatments and the lives of future generations. (#20832)

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