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Students Saving the Ocean
Date: 2/15/2010; 23 minutes

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Meet students in the Bay Area who are finding ways to improve the health of our seas based on the book "50 Ways to Save the Ocean." This documentary was sponsored by Oracle on behalf of the DigitalOcean project out of University of California, Santa Barbara, and was produced by Outhink Media. The DigitalOcean Network connects scientists and enthusiasts around the sustainability of our Oceans. (#18010)

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K-12 Educational Standards

Standards for Grade(s): 9-12

Biology/Life Sciences


6b. Students know how to analyze changes in an ecosystem resulting from changes in climate, human activity, introduction of nonnative species, or changes in population size.

Earth Sciences

Energy in the Earth System

5. Heating of EarthÆs surface and atmosphere by the sun drives convection within the atmosphere and oceans, producing winds and ocean currents.

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