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The Planets--A Solar System Journey with Dava Sobel
Date: 12/5/2005; 59 minutes

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Dava Sobel, the best-selling author of "Longitude" and "Galileo's Daughter", uses her rare gifts for weaving difficult scientific concepts into gripping stories in this lecture about the planets. Sobel's talk explores our place in the universe. (#11161)

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K-12 Educational Standards

Standards for Grade(s): 9-12

Earth Sciences

EarthÆs Place in the Universe

1. Astronomy and planetary exploration reveal the solar systemÆs structure, scale, and change over time. As a basis for understanding this concept: a. Students know how the differences and similarities among the sun, the terrestrial planets, and the gas planets may have been established during the formation of the solar system. b. Students know the evidence from Earth and moon rocks indicates that the solar system was formed from a nebular cloud of dust and gas approximately 4.6 billion years ago. c. Students know the evidence from geological studies of Earth and other planets suggest that the early Earth was very different from Earth today. d. Students know the evidence indicating that the planets are much closer to Earth than the stars are. e. Students know the Sun is a typical star and is powered by nuclear reactions, primarily the fusion of hydrogen to form helium. f. Students know the evidence for the dramatic effects that asteroid impacts have had in shaping the surface of planets and their moons and in mass extinctions of life on Earth. g.* Students know the evidence for the existence of planets orbiting other stars.

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