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The Last Gift study aims to understand where and how HIV hides in the human body when a person with HIV is taking HIV medications. The Last Gift study tackles these aims by studying people with HIV who are terminally ill from a disease other than HIV, like cancer, ALS, or heart disease. The study follows these volunteers with regular blood draws before the person dies and then examines multiple tissues throughout their bodies after death. From these samples, investigators hope to understand how HIV remains hidden from both the person's immune system and from current HIV therapy. Results from these studies are designed to help develop ways to clear these reservoirs with future therapies. Dr. Davey Smith, Professor of Medicine and Chief of Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health at UCSD discusses the study and its medical and ethical implications.

Computer scientist Larry Smarr and osteopathic physician Michael Kurisu present a vision for healthcare that combines the best of allopathic and osteopathic medicine by using a more personalized, hands-on, systems-based approach to treating patients. They demonstrate this proof of concept with details on how Smarr diagnosed his own Crohn's disease by using blood and stool tests to track changes in his body. And when the symptoms became too severe, Smarr collaborated with his surgeon, Sonia Ramamoorthy, MD, to plan the operation based on 3D images of his organs created at his research institute, Calit2 at UC San Diego. Kurisu then introduces Project Apollo, a group of patients inspired by Smarr who are collecting their own data to develop personalized treatments for their particular conditions.

Asthma disproportionately affects children who are economically disadvantaged, particularly those who belong to racial and ethnic minority groups. Dr. Juan Celedon, Division Chief, Pulmonary Medicine, Allergy and Immunology at University of Pittsburgh, discusses possible solutions to the disparity. Recorded on 01/19/2018.

Brad Stulberg explores how to sustain peak performance and avoid burnout. Stulberg argues that this means physical and mental preparation.

In collaboration with the UC San Diego Center for Integrative Nutrition, the Berry Good Food Foundation convenes a panel of experts to discuss the rise of comprehensive medicine and nutritional healing to treat chronic disease and maintain general well-being.

Kara Chien, JD. Managing Attorney, Mental Health Unit, Office of the Public Defender of San Francisco. Recorded on 03/08/2018.

UC Davis Professor Andrew Hargadon was the keynote speaker and panelist at Blue Shield of California's first Healthcare Innovation and Technology Career Summit in San Francisco. Illustrating several examples from his research, including the development of penicillin as a medical breakthrough, Professor Hargadon shared a primer on what it takes to turn an idea into an innovation -- and the power of the network. Recorded on 04/10/2018.

Men generally don't like to speak about prostate gland problems. They may be even more loath to have an examination or even surgery. In Good Shape talks to a urologist about benign prostate enlargement and available treatments, and asks what can be done about prostate cancer. Plus: what is fibromyalgia and how can it be helped? And: can you eat your way back to health?

Three UCSF doctors look at aspects of fragility fractures. Fall prevention strategies with Dr. Karina Del Rosario. Exercises: Are they effective? with Dr. Masato Nagao. Post-fracture protocols: Are they different for the elderly? with Dr. Lisa Pascual Recorded on 05/29/2018.

Deborah Adey, MD; Professor of Medicine, UCSF Recorded on 05/18/2018.
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