Press Release: San Diego Canyonlands Documentary Premieres on UCSD-TV (9/2006)

San Diego Canyonlands Documentary Premieres on UCSD-TV

LA JOLLA, CA – San Diego is recognized worldwide for its beautiful beaches. But as many locals know, there is another, equally stunning–though less celebrated–natural asset further up the watershed. It’s the network of canyons, stretching from the mountains to the coast and through the urban and rural neighborhoods of San Diego County. UCSD-TV’s new documentary San Diego Canyonlands introduces viewers to these canyons and the people working to protect and restore them. The program premieres September 18 at 8pm on UCSD-TV and re-airs throughout the month.

San Diego Canyonlands explores the value of the region’s canyons and profiles the passionate advocates who are committed to preserving these unique natural treasures and creating a county-wide San Diego Canyonlands Park. Among those featured in the half-hour program include author Richard Louv, environmentalist Eric Bowlby, neighborhood activist Tershia d’Elgin, wetlands educator Shara Fisler, and landscape architect Vicki Estrada, with music from the San Diego-based band “Naked Earth.”

Produced by UCSD-TV’s Shannon Bradley and hosted by Jennifer Whitelaw of Citizens Coordinate for Century 3 (C-3), San Diego Canyonlands is the result of collaboration among C-3, San Diego Civic Solutions and UCSD-TV. Major funding for this program was provided by County Television Network (CTN) and the Hattie Ettinger Conservation Fund at the San Diego Foundation.

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