Press Release: Local Activists Inspire UCSD Students Into Action (4/2007)


Unique seminar highlighted in new UCSD-TV series

LA JOLLA, CA – Refusing to believe the myth that today’s students are more concerned with themselves than the world around them, two UCSD professors created a senior seminar designed to bring students into contact with local activists and  give them the tools – and the inspiration- to take action. UCSD-TV was there for several of these sessions, resulting in the “Growing Activism” series airing this month.

Los Angeles-based activist Eric Mann is the featured guest during “Labor/Community Strategy Center,” premiering May 7 at 9pm. Mr. Mann shares his experiences working for democratic international social movements, and describes his strategy center as a “think tank/act tank” for working people.

“Undocumented Students/DREAM Act,” premiering May 28 at 8pm, welcomes undocumented immigrant students like Grecia Lima, who reveal the obstacles they face while pursuing higher education. Ms. Lima is leading the UCSD student effort to lobby Congress to pass the DREAM Act, which would give eligible students temporary legal residency, access to financial aid and potential for employment during school and after graduation.

The third program in the series, “License to Freedom,” features two local activists who share their tales of teaching immigrant victims of domestic violence to drive in order to alleviate their sense of helpless isolation. This program can be viewed on-demand now at and will air on June 11 at 9pm.

The “Growing Activism” series is funded by California Cultures and the Chicano/Latino Arts & Humanities Program  at UCSD and is based on the "Contemporary Social Movements in San Diego" senior seminar developed by UCSD Professors Jorge Mariscal of Literature and David Pellow of Ethnic Studies. The seminar took place during the Winter 2007 Quarter and brought in different activists each week  to tell their stories and encourage students to take action for a cause that sparked their interest.

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