Working on In The Shadow of White Mountain

"The most enjoyable experience has been meeting and working with the extraordinary cadre of people--who happen to be researchers--that utilize the station and have shared their stories with us. While it is the goal of science to produce dispassionate data and reasoned results, one can't deny the passion with which each and every one of these researchers go about their work. I think that comes in large part from being able to conduct their research in places like the environments around White Mountain Research Station. And those environments..." added Wargo "...and learning intimately about them, comprised the other delights in making this program. The White Mountains, the station and the people who work there have become a special part of my life, having spent much time there over the last 3 years, and I hope we can share their passion and my special fondness for this place--as well as some dispassionate science--with the audience."

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