The People Behind State of Minds

Host and Executive Producer, Shannon Bradley

Shannon Bradley has been the executive producer of UCTV s State of Minds since it launched in 2003, and has hosted the program since 2007. She also develops and produces public affairs programs for UCSD-TV, the broadcast channel located on the UC San Diego campus, where she has been since 1993. Prior to that, Shannon covered national politics in Washington for nine years, the last five for The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour on PBS. She also wrote for the Washington City Paper; Roll Call, the Capitol Hill newspaper; and WUSA, the CBS television affiliate. She has a B.A. in Communication and Sociology from UCSD and a Masters degree in Journalism and Public Affairs from The American University in Washington, DC. Shannon also taught the News Media Workshop, an upper division journalism class for the Department of Communication at UCSD from 1993-1999. Learn more about Shannon s UCSD-TV productions.

On Producing State of Minds
I get to work with like-minded people at each of the 10 campuses of the University of California. We have some outstanding journalists working for UC and they know where the good stories are. I hear from them what is going on throughout the system. We then decide together on what stories to pursue for each program. Our goal is to have a line-up that reflects all three parts of the UC mission -- research, teaching and public service -- and to have every campus represented at least once in an academic year. It s great fun.

Larissa Branin

Larissa Branin is Multimedia Director at UC's system-wide office in Oakland and has been producing segments for UCTV's State of Minds since its inception. Branin is also the producer/host of Science Today, a daily radio feature produced for the Westwood One/CBS Radio Network by the University of California. Each week, Science Today highlights the latest scientific breakthroughs and discoveries at the university and its three affiliated national laboratories. A former print and radio journalist, Branin is continually fascinated by the breadth of content that UC provides on a daily basis.

Larissa s Favorite State of Minds Story
It is tough to pick a favorite, as all the stories were wonderful to work on for different reasons. However, the piece I did for the Winter 2007 program about UCSF researchers studying the dog genome (and how it may someday help humans suffering from depression) was particularly close to my heart. How can filming dogs frolicking in Golden Gate Park not be fun?

Dog Genetics on State of Minds

Telling the Stories of the UC System
As a representative of the system-wide office, I getto work with all of the that's my favorite part!

To learn more about Larissa and the stories she covers, visit:

Science Today

Paul Pfotenhauer

Paul Pfotenhauer, Reporter/Producer, Broadcast Media Operations, UC Davis. Paul worked as a sportscaster, reporter and anchor with Sacramento s NBC affiliate, KCRA Channel 3. He left Channel 3 to become a broadcast specialist with UC Davis. In that capacity, Paul files television news and feature reports about UC Davis for KVIE Channel 6, the PBS affiliate in Sacramento and national PBS stations. He also produces documentary and magazine-format programs for UCTV and other venues and has spent more than 20 years conducting media training sessions for UC Davis faculty and public agencies. Paul received a bachelor s degree in political science from UC Davis.

Paul s Favorite State of Minds Story
My favorite story that I covered for SOM was one I did in 2004 on animal shelter medicine. My lead in that story said it all: Seeing animals dropped off at county-run shelters is like watching prisoners admitted to death camps not much hope of ever getting out alive. The story focused on the need for many of these large shelters to have a full time veterinary care staff. As an animal lover, it was a tough story to witness, yet seeing the commitment that some people have for abandoned animals touches the heart.

Animal Shelters on State of Minds

Telling the Stories of UC Davis
UC Davis offers so many opportunities to tell fascinating stories that affect people's lives - everything from the latest technologies in human medicine to a feature on how the campus farrier incorporates newer approaches with ancient practices. The campus research diversity is vast and its thirst for discovering what matters is a reporter's dream assignment.

To learn more about Paul and the stories he covers, visit:

UC Davis News & Information

Roxanne Makasdjian

Roxanne Makasdjian is the Manager of Broadcast Communications in UC Berkeley's Media Relations office, facilitating broadcast news productions on campus, producing video news pieces about UC Berkeley, and preparing university officials and faculty for appearances on broadcast news. Previously, Roxanne worked more than 20 years as a producer for ABC and NBC News.

Roxanne s Favorite State of Minds Story
My favorite story I covered for SOM was about the Iraq war veterans who are now students at UC Berkeley. The campus has created programs, including a special course just for student veterans, to help them make their way through an academic system, which is much different from their military experience. Meeting the students and the program coordinators was very interesting, fun, and inspirational, and I enjoyed telling their story to the public.

Veterans Services at UC Berkeley on State of Minds

Telling the Stories of UC Berkeley
I enjoy covering UC Berkeley stories, because there is so much important work going on here, and so much of it will directly improve the world and people's lives in so many ways. It's such a great pleasure to learn about all the research and inventions being developed here directly from the professors and students involved, who are the smartest people I've ever met.

To learn more about Roxanne and the stories she covers, visit:

UC Berkeley NewsCenter

UC Berkeley NewsCenter Videos
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