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COVID-19 and the 2020 Election
Will there even be an election in 2020? A panel of UC Berkeley experts in politics, public policy, cybersecurity and law, say yes. The constitution is clear about that. Can we predict the effect of the pandemic on results? Not yet. We can look at traditional indicators, the economy and the president’s approval rating, but … Continue reading "COVID-19 and the 2020 Election"
Staff Picks Featuring UCSD-TV’s Science Producer
Science is all around us. Our science producer picked twelve programs that reflect the impact of science on both our daily lives and on complex global issues. We rely on facts, data and past results to inform decisions big and small. Enjoy! A Deep Look into COVID-19: Vaccines, Drugs and the Evolutionary Arms Race As … Continue reading "Staff Picks Featuring UCSD-TV’s Science Producer"
Can China and the US Cooperate to Defeat a Common Enemy?
Infectious diseases are global challenges that need global solutions. The state of US-China relations are so hostile at the political level and increasingly at the public level, that the kind of pragmatic cooperation needed is lacking to deal with COVID-19. Many programs started under President Bush and continued under President Obama to increase on-the-ground knowledge … Continue reading "Can China and the US Cooperate to Defeat a Common Enemy?"
Do We Really Understand Why Whales Sing?
In general, animal song is thought to have several specific characteristics including being restricted to males, having a territorial purpose, and being used to attract a mate. But things might be different in the deep dark world that whales inhabit. Join marine acoustics expert John Hildebrand to learn how the singing characteristics in some whale … Continue reading "Do We Really Understand Why Whales Sing?"
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