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AI and the Brain
Artificial intelligence, or AI, is no longer the domain of science fiction. It has become a major part of our daily lives. Ever ask Alexa to play you a song? Booked a trip online? Received customer service through chat? AI powers those interactions and is now being integrated into biological challenges. Terry Sejnowski, Professor and … Continue reading "AI and the Brain"
CARTA: The Impact of Infectious Disease on Humans and Our Origins
As humanity experiences an epic upheaval with the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, we are painfully admonished of how throughout existence, infectious diseases have had profound influences on the evolution of their host populations. In the case of humans, the host species has also shaped pathogen dynamics and virulence via a multitude of factors. Some ancient factors … Continue reading "CARTA: The Impact of Infectious Disease on Humans and Our Origins"
Dangerously Hot Days are Coming
The United States is facing a potentially staggering expansion of dangerous heat over the coming decades. Kristina Dahl, Senior Climate Scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists, explains off-the-charts deadly heat, just how bad it could get, and what we can do to avert the worst-case scenario. She explores a recently released report that shows … Continue reading "Dangerously Hot Days are Coming"
Music Overcoming Barriers
Our border with Mexico is the catalyst for an impassioned and often vituperous debate about immigration, citizenship, and related issues. In the midst of this furor opportunities for mutually-beneficial fellowship are often scorned when not overlooked altogether, but a growing network of artists and musicians on both sides of the divide are working to transcend … Continue reading "Music Overcoming Barriers"
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