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Series Listing

  1. Admission and transfer policies and practices at the University of CA.
  2. A collection of literary & music performances taped from 1993 to 2002.
  3. Explore marine life and ecosystems.
  4. Protecting our buildings and ourselves from earthquakes.
  5. Scholars and theologians explore religion in modern society.
  6. Lectures to enhance your home gardening experience.
  7. Exploring and explaining the origins of the human phenomenon.
  8. The importance of child-rearing in human evolution.
  9. Differences in mental performance between humans and other animals.
  10. Annual endowed lecture related to field of law and society.
  11. Now with Category 1 CME Credit!
  12. Listen to experts in economics, finance, business and public policy.
  13. Exploring common evolutionary themes in biological systems.
  14. Experts discuss ethical implications of new science and technology.
  15. Exploring the frontiers of knowledge in science and technology.
  16. Current and valuable information to improve your health.
  17. Lectures that advance humanitarian purposes and objectives.
  18. Autism spectrum disorder and the evolution of the human brain.
  19. 2011 Innovation Day Expo and Symposia at UC San Diego.
  20. Leaders share their knowledge and experience on peace-related issues.
  21. Music presentations from the La Jolla Music Society.
  22. Presenting ground-breaking, traditional and contemporary music.
  23. Annual lecture series about different health topics.
  24. Renowned poets read and discuss their work at UC Berkeley.
  25. Series on future of Mexico
  26. Understanding public art using three major UC collections.
  27. Are children today sicker or healthier than we were?
  28. Science with one goal - entertainment!
  29. Science and research at the University of California.
  30. Conversations with creative thinkers of the last half-century.
  31. Energetic performances of classical music.
  32. Prestigious guest speakers on newsworthy topics.
  33. Gender differences in pain management and available treatments.
  34. Engaging marine science lectures from Birch Aquarium at Scripps.
  35. Cecil Lytle and guests perform to benefit the Preuss School at UCSD.
  36. Public interviews with leading figures from different subjects.
  37. Recovery for Behavioral Health Issues
  38. Behind-the-Scenes of the San Diego Opera.
  39. Principal singers, director and conductor of each production.
  40. Guide for viewers through an intriguing history of opera.
  41. Latest research promoting healthy aging from the Stein Institute.
  42. The site-specific artwork of the Stuart Collection at UCSD.
  43. The ins and outs of living with diabetes.
  44. Training, tools and resources for teachers
  45. The future of health, technology and innovation
  46. Information and tools to help college graduates with their careers.
  47. Explore the good life with UC San Diego teachers and scholars.
  48. UCSF researchers on the causes of the global obesity epidemic.
  49. What makes music, musical.
  50. Annual program for intermediate to advanced level musicians.
  51. Our celebration of UCSD's 50th Anniversary continues
  52. Research developments and personalities at UC
  53. Election analysis and commentary from UC faculty
  54. Conversations, readings and more with visiting writers.
  55. Conversations with best-selling authors.
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