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Make America Empathetic Again: The Challenges of the Next Four Years with E.J. Dionne
Premiere Date: 6/5/2017; 57 minutes
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We are a country in which a majority of people who voted for one candidate in 2016 don't know anybody who voted for the other. We have a president who divided the country in a way that lost him the popular vote but gave him an electoral college victory. At the same time, many different kinds of Americans feel shortchanged by an economy that treats different groups in different regions very differently. Are we becoming a nation in which some of us find it impossible to empathize with others among our fellow citizens not only when the problems involved are different, but also when they're similar? And are our religious institutions helping to heal these divides, or are they deepening them? Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne explores these and other questions. Recorded on 02/28/2017. (#32147)

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