Lessons from Molecules for the Media:

Atmospheric Chemistry: The Elements of Global Environmental Issues
Discover how particles in the atmosphere can affect our health and the health of the planet.
Understanding Disease at the Level of Individual Molecules
Take a fantastic voyage to explore the chemical mechanisms that cause disease.

Lessons from Atoms to X-rays:

Learn how lie detectors, humidity sensors and carbon dioxide sensors work.
Discover the mysteries of magnetism and the properties of some magnetic materials.
Gravity in the Universe
Newton's Laws of Gravitation reveal how gravity has shaped the universe.

Lessons from Science Matters:

Biodiversity in California
Learn about biodiversity and the importance of preserving it.
Genetics of Flowering
Learn about the genetics of flowering and a fun activity to extract DNA from everybody's favorite vegetable.
Communication in Bees
Discover how bees communicate by sounds and dances and how these mechanisms have evolved.
The Code of Life
Translating and transcribing the information contained in genes is central to all life.
Lessons from Grey Matters:

How do we predict the future: Brains, Rewards and Addiction
Learn how addictive drugs hijack our brains' natural reward system.
Perception: Taste, Smell and Vision
Learn how scientists track down the elusive molecules that allow us to see, hear and taste.
Stem Cells
Learn about stem cells, why they're important, and how they are obtained.