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San Diego Opera and UCSD-TV have forged a unique partnership to bring all the drama, excitement, passion, and artistry of opera into your home. San Diego OperaTalk! with Nick Reveles, San Diego Opera Spotlight, and San Diego Opera Artist’s Roundtable give insight to the history, production, and personalities involved in bringing an opera from the page to the stage.

Unfortunately, the San Diego Opera will close its doors at the end of its 2014 production of Don Quixote. Thus, it is with great sadness that our unique and bountiful partnership with the San Diego opera is coming to an end. However, within these video archives, you can still go behind-the-scenes of your favorite operas with San Diego Opera Spotlight; Dr. Nic Reveles, master opera educator, will be here to provide insight into the composers' visions in San Diego OperaTalk!; and the stars will still shine as bright as ever in Stars in the Salon, where premiere opera talent discussed their work in front of a live audience.

Read Opera Producer John Menier's farewell to the San Diego Opera.

San Diego OperaTalk! with Nick Reveles

San Diego Opera's Director of Education guides viewers through an intriguing history of each opera produced by San Diego Opera. Learn about the composers' backgrounds and inspirations, the challenges they faced composing and staging the work, the reactions of audiences and critics, and recommendations for recordings, books and videos.
San Diego Opera Spotlight

San Diego Opera Spotlight is an informative and entertaining look behind-the-scenes of each of San Diego Opera's five main stage productions. Meet the singers, directors, conductors and stage crew who work together to mount each opera; get a sneak peek at rehearsal footage; and hear exclusive interviews with the stars. A new installment of San Diego Opera Spotlight premieres on UCSD-TV the Friday before opening night of each opera production.
San Diego Opera Stars in the Salon

The principal singers, director and conductor in each San Diego Opera production join host Nick Reveles for a free-wheeling discussion before a live audience that covers all things operatic. Topics include musical structure, the motivations of the characters, the physical design of the production, the director's stage vision and the working life of an opera professional.
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