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Ants Marching:
A Biological Invasion in Your Own Backyard

David Holway

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Ants Marching: A Biological Invasion in Your Own Backyard

Holway Lab / Invasive Social Insects

David Holway is an associate professor in the Division of Biological Sciences at UC San Diego where he studies social insect invasions. By integrating an understanding of ecology, behavior and genetics and by employing a diversity of experimental approaches, his lab aims to develop a more quantitative understanding of these invasions. They use Argentine ants, red imported fire ants, and western yellowjacket wasps to quantify the factors controlling susceptibility to invasion, to uncover the mechanisms involved in the displacement of native species, and to determine how mutualistic interactions between invaders and other organisms contribute to invasion success. He received his B.A. in zoology from UC Berkeley and a Ph.D in biology from the University of Utah. His postdoctoral research at UC San Diego was supported by grants from the US Department of Agriculture.


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