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Modern Ecology and Conservation of Natural Resources

This series brings you cutting-edge scientists whose studies of the genetics, behaviors, and interactions among organisms and their environments pave the way for scientifically informed conservation. Join us for a series that will provide new insights into the challenges faced by the natural world and how modern research in ecology can provide answers for better environmental stewardship.


Ants Marching: A Biological Invasion in Your Own Backyard
with David Holway

The introduction of species into new environments has increasingly become an economically costly and environmentally destructive phenomenon. The Argentine ant, one of the world's most widespread and damaging invasive species thrives in California, where it displaces native ants and disrupts ecosystems. Join UCSD's David Holway and explore the factors underlying the success of this notorious invader and potential strategies to limit its abundance.

    Conservation and the Futures of Life
with David Woodruff

    Life and Death Among the Flowers:
The Perils and Secret Language of Bees

with James Nieh

    Life on the Edge:
Ingenious Survival Strategies in the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts

with Therese Markow

    Climate change and Southern California Ecosystems
with Elsa Cleland

    Ants Marching:
A Biological Invasion in Your Own Backyard

with David Holway


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