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Eastward Bound: Home with Nathan East
The stage is set for the performance to come. Drums, congas, electric guitars, grand piano… and bass guitar. Nathan East walks out alone, picks up his instrument, and tenderly plays his signature bass rendition of America the Beautiful. Afterwards, with fingers snapping, UC San Diego Music faculty, alumni, and other talented musicians join him for [...]
What is Past is Prologue: The Series Finale of San Diego Opera Spotlight?
For 17 years I’ve been documenting the work of San Diego Opera with the San Diego Opera Spotlight series, so the recent announcement of the intent to close SDO at the end of the 2014 season, following Massanet’s Don Quixote, is a blow. The surprise announcement unleashed a storm of coverage and commentary in the [...]
World Cinema Saturdays: Italian Neorealism
Italian Neorealism was arguably the most historically-influenced film genre. Rooted in the resistance of northern Italy during the close of World War II, the movement was greatly influenced by the political ideals and social history of the time. From its earliest days at the close of the German occupation, to the devastating aftermath of the [...]
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