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World Cinema Saturdays: Schlockalypse Now
As noted elsewhere, the best science fiction and fantasy films reflect their era and cultural environment. Some observers argue that this dictum applies even more strongly to the – how should one put it delicately – to the more offbeat examples of the genre. Let the viewer be the judge (while acknowledging that not every [...]
Birth to Grandmotherhood: Childrearing In Human Evolution
They are the most precious product of humanity. Like all living things, they are why, at the most fundamental level, we exist — offspring. They are why a few thousand individuals spread out of Africa so many eons ago, and why we eventually populated every habitable environment on the planet. So this time around, CARTA, [...]
World Cinema Saturdays: Jean Renoir
Jean Renoir’s gently humanistic films were sorely underestimated when they first came out. They were unconventional, complex, and so energetic and technically daring that few noticed their intricate structure. The films were often dismissed as rough, and not fully achieved artistically. However, the generation that came to the cinema in the ’60s and ’70s (perhaps [...]
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