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Waking up in the morning still tired? Sleep apnea could be the culprit. Robert Owens, MD joins our host David Granet, MD to find out how sleep apnea affects the body, how it is diagnosed, and new treatments on the horizon. Recorded on 10/23/2015.

A profile of Diane Havlir, MD and her work in ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic, from co-founding the much admired Getting to Zero consortium in San Francisco to her Sustainable East African Research on Community Health (SEARCH) study in a fishing village in Kenya. Both efforts include the three pillars that are central to stopping the epidemic preventing HIV infection with PrEP, testing and treating people immediately upon diagnosis of HIV, and retaining people in HIV care.

11 million US children and teens live with a chronic condition. Dr. Brittany Blockman looks at ways to improve their health and quality of life through an integrative approach to health. She describes the pilot program Communitas that examines these issues. Recorded on 06/16/2016.

Baby boomers are entering older adulthood and emerging technologies have the potential to fundamentally change their aging experience. Alongside that potential are uncertainties: How will older adults embrace new technologies meant to help them age in place and stay connected to their communities? How will their voices be involved in the development of these tools to ensure new products give them what they want and need? Join The San Diego Foundation and Aging 2.0 co-founder Katy Fike, PhD to learn how businesses are working together with community members to innovate an age-friendly San Diego that isn't just smarter, but more inclusive and equitable for all San Diegans. Discover how new products are enhancing mobility, transport, home safety, and health services, and how we can uphold unprecedented access to leading innovations for the next generation of inventive older adults.

In his new book, Spitting in the Soup: Inside the Dirty Game of Doping in Sports, UC San Diego alumnus and sports journalist Mark Johnson traces the doping culture in professional sports, from the early days when pills meant progress, to the current day, when athletes are vilified for the use of performance-enhancing drugs. In his book, Johnson, who has covered cycling as a writer and photographer since the 1980s, explores the complex relationships that underlie elite sports culture.

The popular over-the-counter medication, acetaminophen, is generally used to reduce fever and pain. However, a growing body of research suggests that the drug has broader psychological effects. Experimental social psychologist Kyle Ratner discusses his research examining the effects of acetaminophen on social group biases in person perception. Recorded on 07/07/2016.

This overview of LGBT health looks at: LGBTQ disparities, Family Acceptance Project;, and Health Challenges for Trans Women in International Settings. Recorded on 10/12/2016.

Hypnosis: Fit & Healthy Talk / Lose weight with hypnosis / Hypnosis supports marathoners / Eliminate Rare Sialoliths / Heel Spurs.

Mark S. Gold, MD is a world renowned expert on addiction-related diseases and has worked to develop models for understanding the effects food on the brain and behavior. Recorded on 10/27/2016.

Jennifer Price, MD. Assistant Clinical Professor Transplant Hepatologist, UCSF. Norah Terrault, MD. Professor of Medicine and Surgery, Director of Viral Hepatitis Center, UCSF. Recorded on 11/04/2016.
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