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From the field to the table, UC Davis researchers are on the front line of research, working to make safe, healthy and flavorful food. Hear from a family caught in the deadly 2006 E. coli outbreak, chemists working on improving the taste of food, chef Martin Yan, and California almond farmers, all benefiting from discoveries that lead to enhance the safety, quality and taste of our food supply.

The way we treat medical conditions is constantly evolving. From new ways of distributing medical information to new drugs and therapies. Alexander Kuo, MD joins David Granet, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.A.P. to discuss how he uses shared medical appointments to give his patients in-depth care. Dr. Kuo also highlights new treatments for Hepatitis C.

The MIND Institute is investigating the use of electronic tablets to support children with neurodevelopmental disorders in reading comprehension and communication. Researchers and clinicians will share some of the positive outcomes. Representatives from Navigate Autism, a website in development by the UC Davis School of Education, will demonstrate its use as an educational tool.

Can cancer cells be killed without harming the healthy cells around them? A new clinical trial is testing that hypothesis using a virus-based treatment. Learn how vaccinia, once used to eradicate smallpox, may be the key to more effective cancer fighting tools. Dr. Loren Mell joins Dr. David Granet to discuss current research and the importance of clinical trails for cancer patients.

Dr. Darlene Mininni shares how resilience, emotional intelligence and mindfulness can affect physical health. Science consistently shows that positive emotions make a physiological impact on one's life - whether you are 18 or 80 - and Dr. Mininni offers practical advice to bring more well-being into your life.

Brennan Spiegel, MD, MSHS, reviews new technology to monitor GI diseases, including mobile health applications, wearable biosensors, and social media.

If you live with the potential of earthquakes it is important to be prepared. Matthew Springer, UCSF Professor of Medicine, gives specific strategies about how to secure your home, yourself and your pets. Recorded on 02/26/2015.

Dr. Thomas Neylan, UCSF Professor of psychiatry, explores stress and psychiatric implications of trauma and disasters. Recorded on 03/05/2015.

Did you know that you have up to ten times as many microbial cells on your body as you have human cells? What are these tiny microbes doing and how did they find their way to you? Rob Knight, PhD joins our host David Granet, MD to discuss how these cells that make up our microbiome can impact everything from mood, weight, sleep patterns, allergies and more. Recorded on 04/17/2015.

No matter whether it's bacteria, viruses, fungi or multi-resistant superbugs - a new method may be able to kill all kinds of dangerous microorganisms. It is based on photo-dynamics. Researchers at the University of Regensburg have developed a dye that under irradiation with natural light generates a highly reactive form of oxygen that kills germs. Used as a component of a spray coating it could disinfect the surfaces of light switches, door handles or mobile phones. It's a simple and effective method for use around the world, as more and more microbes build up resistance to antibiotics.

John R. Laird, MD; Professor of Medicine, Medical Director, UC Davis Vascular Center; Sacramento, CA Recorded on 04/18/2015.

Dennis Bandyk, MD; Chief, Vascular & Endovascular Surgery; UC San Diego Recorded on 04/18/2015.

Alexander Reyzelman, DPM; Senior Physician Diplomate; UCSF Division of Vascular Surgery; UCSF Recorded on 04/18/2015.

As part of the UC Global Health Day 2015, four leading public health researchers offer ideas on how to help undocumented immigrants at the state level, in light of stalled immigration reform in Washington. Speakers include Claire Brindis of UC San Francisco, Michael Rodriguez and Steven Wallace of UCLA, and Reshma Shamasunder of the California Immigrant Policy Center.
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