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Is there a science of the soul? Does how we think about the brain define how we think about ourselves? Patricia Churchland, B. Phil., LLD (hon), Professor Emeritus, Department of Philosophy at UC San Diego, joins William Mobley, MD, PhD for a deeper look at the connections between neuroscience and philosophy.

Early detection of Alzheimer's disease - before symptoms are visible - may be a key to stopping the disease's progression. What warning signs are researchers looking for and what tools can they use? Paul Aisen, MD joins William Mobley, MD, PhD to discuss optimal assessments for diagnosing the disease, novel tools making earlier diagnosis possible, and the road map to developing drugs to slow, halt, and prevent Alzheimer's. Recorded on 7/29/2014.

Jamil Aboulhosn, MD, gives a historical overview and update on the field of adult congenital heart disease with a focus on transcatheter and hybrid interventional procedures.

There has been a revolution in recent years in the way health is measured, and this revolution promises to change how resources are allocated, how care is delivered, and who benefits from this investment. The panelists discuss new findings on the global burden of disease and what it implies for academic global health researchers, clinical caregivers, policy makers, donors and others. Speakers include George Rutherford, Director, Prevention & Public Health Group, UCSF; Stefano Bertozzi, Dean, School of Public Health, UC Berkeley; Julio Frenk, Dean, School of Public Health, Harvard University; Joy Lawn, Director, MARCH Centre, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine; and Chris Murray, Director, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. Recorded on 10/02/2014.

Alexander Wunsch, MD, Wismar University of Applied Sciences, Germany, discusses the importance of measurement when studying vitamin D. Michael F. Holick, PhD MD, Boston University Medical Center, discusses how to treat patients at rick for vitamin D deficiency. Recorded on 12/10/2014.

Almost 6,000 women in the US reach menopause every day. Kathryn Macaulay, M.D. explains common symptoms of menopause and its potential health effects. Learn the latest methods of managing symptoms and utilizing newer therapies.

V.S. Ramachandran, PhD is looking to solve life's big questions by taking a different path. In studying the oddities and anomalies of the brain he hopes to illuminate the mysteries of normal brain function. A pioneer in the study of phantom limbs, Ramanchandran joins William Mobley, MD, PhD to discuss his fascinating career and his scientific process. Hear the latest on xenomelia, sleep paralysis, synesthesia and more.

Jean-Pierre Changeux reflects on his scientific journey and shares insights into his research with Dr. William Mobley. This wide-ranging discussion takes a deeper look into Changeux's early work with bacteria to more recent findings on the chemistry of consciousness.

Paul Offit, MD, Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases and the Director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia gives a spare and chilling account of the 1991 Philadelphia Measles epidemic and the measures taken by the city to stop it.

Low testosterone has many health impacts - including fertility issues. How do you know when to seek help and what options are available to treat low T? Dr. T. Mike Hsieh joins host Dr. David Granet to discuss what you should know about men's sexual health. Recorded on 04/17/2015.

Bob Klein, the author and lead advocate of California's Prop 71, describes the unique scientific, government and philanthropic collaboration that led to the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine and the Centers of Excellence for stem cell research across the state. Comments follow from San Diego philanthropists Malin Burnham, Irwin Jacobs and Denny Sanford and from Larry Goldstein, the director of the UC San Diego Stem Cell Program and the Sanford Stem Cell Clinical Center. This panel was presented by the Cavendish Global Impact Forum. Recorded on 05/13/2015.

Serious illness and end of life care has changed. People live longer and death often comes after years of serious, chronic illness. Dr. Steven Pantilat, UCSF Professor of Medicine, explains that the challenge is to help people achieve the best possible quality of life for as long as possible, consistent with their goals and preferences Recorded on 05/19/2015.

Dr. Rebecca Sudore, Associate Professor of Medicine at UCSF, explains that the goal of advanced care planning is to make sure that the medical care a person gets is the medical care that is in line with her or his life goals and values and to prepare people and their loved ones to make informed choices based on what is most important. Recorded on 05/26/2015.
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