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From the field to the table, UC Davis researchers are on the front line of research, working to make safe, healthy and flavorful food. Hear from a family caught in the deadly 2006 E. coli outbreak, chemists working on improving the taste of food, chef Martin Yan, and California almond farmers, all benefiting from discoveries that lead to enhance the safety, quality and taste of our food supply.

Neal Halfon, MD, MPH, discusses the need to transform our health system from 2.0 to 3.0 and how health system transformation framework can be used to provide transformative strategies for health care reform.

Brent T. Mausbach, PhD examines the role of the caregiver for dementia patients. Learn about the psychological, emotional, and physical consequences of caregiving and what can be done to mitigate their impact. Recorded on 6/24/2015.

Jean-Pierre Changeux reflects on his scientific journey and shares insights into his research with Dr. William Mobley. This wide-ranging discussion takes a deeper look into Changeux's early work with bacteria to more recent findings on the chemistry of consciousness.

Surgeon and historian Jack C. Fisher sits down with Dr. David Granet to discuss the controversial history of silicone medical devices - including breast implants. Though the fear surrounding their usage was unwarranted and not based in scientific fact, battles waged about their safety and government regulation followed suit. Dr. Fisher argues that regulatory policy should rely on valid science and not on the fear of risk. Recorded on 04/17/2015.

HIV-related stigma and discrimination are alive and well. Despite civil rights laws and protections related to the disclosure of protected health information, people with HIV often worry about their status being disclosed and when that happens, it can cause serious harm. At the same time, exciting work is being done at UC San Diego and elsewhere to integrate HIV surveillance and clinical data to increase engagement in care. Jeffrey Crowley, a Distinguished Scholar and Program Director of the National HIV/AIDS Initiative at Georgetown Law, describes a new way of thinking about the competing impulses to protect privacy while sharing information that could lead to innovations in care. He examines existing privacy protections, explores how testing and counseling methods have shifted and how big data is impacting HIV treatment and prevention. This program is part of the Exploring Ethics series, presented by the Center for Ethics in Science and Technology.

The four-part HIV/SIDA series follows UC San Diego epidemiologist Steffanie Strathdee, psychologist Tom Patterson and their binational team of doctors, researchers, medical students and outreach workers as they document the spread of HIV in Tijuana. Starting at El Bordo in the Tijuana River Canal and moving to the clinics at Prevencasa, the Las Memorias AIDS hospice and then inside the Tijuana Police Academy, this series shows their efforts to treat and prevent HIV infection among high risk groups, including people who inject drugs, sex workers, transgender women and men who have sex with men. Also featured are photographs and stories of those impacted by HIV, as portrayed by Malcolm Linton and Jon Cohen in their book, "Tomorrow Is a Long Time." The series concludes with an assessment of what it would take to end HIV/AIDS in Tijuana. Funding for the book and series was provided by the Ford Foundation.

Do we really need to sleep? Dr. Thomas Neylan looks at intrinsic sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia and what to do if they affect you. Dr. Elissaios Karageorgio looks at how aging affects sleep and Dr. Rochelle Zak looks at the neurophysiology of sleep. Recorded on 10/28/2015.

Waking up in the morning still tired? Sleep apnea could be the culprit. Robert Owens, MD joins our host David Granet, MD to find out how sleep apnea affects the body, how it is diagnosed, and new treatments on the horizon. Recorded on 10/23/2015.

Susan Lynch, PhD. Associate Professor, Medicine/Gastroenterology, UC San Francisco. Recorded on 12/10/2015.

Sugar-sweetened beverages are the single largest source of added sugar in the American diet and provide no nutritional value. UCSF now only sells zero-calorie beverages or non-sweetened drinks with nutritional value, such as milk and 100% juice in its onsite eateries, including cafeterias, vending machines and retail locations. Recorded on 12/10/2015.

UCSF's Dr. John Roberts discusses living donor transplantation and the estimated outcomes. Recorded on 11/06/2015.

Dr. Ryutaro Hirose, Professor of Clinical Surgery, Division of Transplant Surgery, Associate Program Director, UCSF General Surgery Residency Program. Recorded on 11/06/2015.
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