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Historically, neurosurgeons have had little information available to help navigate through the brain during surgery. New technologies are now allowing them to design more direct trajectories to brain tumors as well safely remove more of the tumor minimizing damage to healthy brain tissue. Dr. Clark Chen joins Dr. David Granet to explain how tractography and performing surgery in the MRI are improving patient outcomes.

Recognizing the early signs of autism and seeking early intervention can improve outcomes. UCSF Clinical Professor Dr. Barbara Bennet explains the signs that may indicate a child is at risk for an autism spectrum disorder. Recorded on 11/20/2014.

Dr. Susan Little of UC San Diego School of Medicine presents her research that tracks HIV infection by rapidly obtaining genetic information from those engaged in HIV healthcare. A discussion follows on privacy protections, the risks associated with the use of these data and their potential to significantly limit HIV transmission in communities. Dr. Little is presented by the Center for Ethics in Science and Technology in San Diego.

In 2050, the United States will be home to more than 80 million adults over 65, and San Diego County alone will see a 130 percent increase in this age group between 2000 and 2030. Combined with enormous technological advancements that have the potential to transform the way we understand aging, the future of growing older may not be what we anticipate today. To adapt to and support this evolution, we must rethink how we craft our public spaces, homes, transit systems, and mindsets about aging. Laurence Weinstein, Shared Solutions America founder, retired AARP National Events Housing Consultant and 40+ year architectural design/build professional shares ways to address these urgent needs.

Sugar Science experts from UCSF share the latest research findings on sugar and its impact on health. Panelists: Laura A. Schmidt, PhD, MSW, MPH; Dean Schillinger, MD; and Cristin E. Kearns, DDS, MBA. The speakers make up the team of, an organization at UCSF made up of uniquely qualified scientists from a wide spectrum of medical research specialties in some of the nation's top universities, including UCSF, UC Davis and Emory University. The event was hosted UCSF's Living Well initiative and moderated by Barbara French, Vice Chancellor, Strategic Communications & University Relations.

Guinevere F. Eden, Georgetown University Medical Center, highlights the importance of distinguishing between cause and consequence of dyslexia. Reading is a cultural invention and has to be learned through explicit instructions, resulting in the utilization of a variety of brain areas that were not designed specifically to read. This presentation explores how brain imaging technology has been used to reveal brain areas that are involved in word processing in typical readers and how these differ in children and adults with reading disability (e.g. dyslexia).

While open heart surgery is still the gold standard for valve replacement, it carries significant risk: a large surgical incision is made in the chest, and the patient's heart is stopped while he or she is placed on a heart-lung machine during the procedure. Dr. Vaikom Mahadevan, Division of Cardiology at UCSF, explores what can be done, short of open heart surgery, to open closed coronary arteries or diseased heart valves. Recorded on 05/27/2015.

Dr. Munir Janmohamed discuss what is heart failure including signs and symptoms; different types of heart failure; when to go to the doctor; and various diagnostic tests. Dr. Van Selby follows with a discussion on heart failure including how to treat and stay out of the hospital as well as diet, exercise, pharmacologic management, and EP device management. Dr. Liviu Klein will discuss late stage heart failure and the options. Recorded on 06/17/2015.

Sindhu Chandran, MD and Sandy Feng, MD cover what's new and what's hot in transplantation. Recorded on 04/10/2015.
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