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UC San Diego Jazz Camp presents bassist Mark Dresser, pianist Diane Moser and percussionist Gerry Hemingway in concert. The stellar trio performs a program of original compositions.

SummerFest showcases the work of three contemporary American composers, with three new quartets. Sean Shepherd offers "Oboe Quartet," festival favorite Joan Tower is represented by "White Granite," and famed film composer John Williams introduces "Quartet La Jolla," a gift to SummerFest Music Director Cho-Lian Lin.

SummerFest has assembled 38 of the world's best chamber and symphonic musicians as the SummerFest Chamber Orchestra, under the baton of celebrated conductor Kent Nagano. The eclectic program includes Beethoven's viruoso "Piano Concerto No. 2 in B-flat Major," Maurer's surprising "Sinfonia Concertante in A Minor for Four Violins and Strings," and Mendelssohn's colorful "Symphony No. 4 in A Major."

The 1170 murder of Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral by followers of King Henry II shook Christian Europe to its foundation, and set off reverberations still felt today. The nefarious deed also inspired two 20th Century works of art, the verse play by T.S. Eliot and Ildebrando Pizzetti's opera. San Diego Opera's Nick Reveles provides a guided tour of "Murder in the Cathedral," including its basis in Eliot's play, the development of musical themes, and Pizzetti's melding of words and music for maximum dramatic effect.

In the finale concert for UC San Diego Jazz Camp 2013, pianist and composer Anthony Davis leads a talented a talented group of students in a performance of standards and new works.

In the finale concert for UC San Diego Jazz Camp 2013, drummer Willie Jones III leads an ensemble of talented students in a performance of standards and new works.

In the finale concert for UC San Diego Jazz Camp 2013, sax virtuoso Charles McPherson leads a talented group of students in a performance of standards and new works.

A celebratory concert honoring composer Chinary Ung on the occasion of his 70th birthday, featuring renowned international artists as well as UC San Diego faculty and students.

Marshall College and UC San Diego honored James Avery's life, career and legacy through an afternoon of theatre, live music, personal reflections and poetry readings. Key participants included Cecil Lytle, Arthur Wagner, Monique Gaffney, and members of the African-American theatre and entertainment communities.

Turkey's cultural scene is under massive pressure. The Turkish government has made it clear that criticism of its policies is unwanted. Privately operated theaters now only qualify for funding if their performances meet certain moral standards. But artists are fighting back. Arts.21 went to Istanbul to interview actors, dancers and cartoonists who are resisting repression.

Malashock Dance teams with Art of Élan to create an evening of original choreography, set to live music by three of today's most exciting and appealing composers, David Bruce, Judd Greenstein, and Osvaldo Golijov. LIFEBLOOD HARMONY reflects multiple takes on our ability to remain hopeful in the face of overwhelming adversity, and that the darkest moments often lead to the greatest creative leaps. The program consists of:"At the End of a Really Great Day" - Composer: Judd Greenstein; "The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind" - Composer: Osvaldo Golijov; "Gumboots" - Composer: David Bruce.

Just Seen It reviews EARTH TO ECHO, DELIVER US FROM EVIL, the romantic comedy parody THEY CAME TOGETHER, the new documentary about Roger Ebert, LFE ITSELF; and interviews journalist Sebastian Junger about his documentary KORENGAL.
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