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UCSD-TV is unlike anything else on local television. UCSD-TV reflects San Diego's rich intellectual and cultural diversity through television programs that are unique in their intent and scope. As a university based station, UCSD-TV has unusual access to people and events that impact both the campus community and the greater San Diego region. The station's non-commercial status gives it the autonomy to create content based strictly on relevance, interest and merit and is able to devote significant airtime to in-depth coverage of new ideas, key issues and emerging talent. After more than two decades of broadcasting success, UCSD-TV believes that enlightenment and entertainment need not be mutually exclusive.


Mary Lindenstein Walshok
General Manager
Associate Vice Chancellor, Extended Studies and Public Programs

A sociologist by training, Mary Walshok was part of the team that established the mission for UCSD-TV and recruited the producers and managers who built the station, over the first decade. Walshok is also responsible for public lectures and special events on the UCSD campus and provides linkages to funders and community partners for a variety of programs offered on UCSD-TV.

Lynn Burnstan
Managing Director

A documentary filmmaker by training, Lynn Burnstan is the Managing Director of UCSD-TV. In 1993, she joined the UCSD-TV team and began creating a unique television station that provides the San Diego area with locally produced, regionally focused programming on a wide variety of topics. Today, she manages the entire staff and budget of the station. The talent and dedication of the staff make her job a pleasure.

Previously, she produced and edited award-winning films in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and San Diego for television, film festivals, corporations and commercials. A long time resident of California, she has a B.A. from UCSD and received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

UCSD-TV Producers

Shannon Bradley
Public Affairs Producer

Shannon Bradley is responsible for developing, producing, and selecting the public affairs programs for UCSD-TV.

Learn more about Shannon Bradley's work and upcoming projects.

John Menier
Arts and Humanities Producer

John Menier specializes in visual and performing arts documentaries that focus on the creative process and its participants.

Learn more about John Menier's work and upcoming projects.

Rich Wargo
Science Producer

As science producer, Rich Wargo oversees the inception and production of programming that interprets the activities of a research university for general audiences.

Learn more about Rich Wargo's work and upcoming projects.

Production and Post Production

Mike Weber
Mike Weber supervises post-production operations. He manages the editing and graphics facilities and coordinates the traffic of materials as they pass though the post-production process. In addition, he works with the producers to anticipate needs and develop ideas. He manages the scheduling of editors' time and edits both full-length programs and spots.

Rachel Bradley
As the Production Coordinator, Rachel works with the producers and production crew to coordinate the logistics of all UCSD-TV productions. She serves as floor director and TelePrompTer operator in the studio and on location, and manages the traffic of acquired programs.

Matt Alioto
Matt works closely with UCSD-TV's producers to ensure that all technical needs - from lighting and sound to photography and editing - are successfully met. He frequently travels to remote locations and helps train and supervise the freelance videographers.

Marci Bretts
Marci plays a versatile role, acting as editor, video photographer, studio and location sound mixer, assistant director, producer, and providing computer support.

On-Air Operations

Jeff Henry
Jeff oversees the planning, design, installation and maintenance of current and future classroom technologies at UCSD, and provides engineering oversight for our broadcast facilities. Jeff started his career in broadcasting at KJAZ-FM in San Francisco at the age of 16, and now has over 30 years of experience in broadcasting, production and audiovisual design.

Steve Anderson
Steve runs the board, keeping the station on the air with the invaluable assistance of his able crew.

Matthew Gaffney
Matt manages the On-Air library, which includes the encoding and quality control of all programs. He updates and monitors the playlist, prepares shows for the on-line Video On-Demand archive, and supervises the duplication of programs.

Web Development

Melissa Weber
Since 2000, Melissa has helped expand the reach of UCSD-TV programming to audiences via the Internet. In addition to designing the web site, she keeps it current through frequent maintenance of broadcast schedules, new programs, streaming videos available on-demand, web promotions, news, and more. It takes a talented group of producers and staff to create this outstanding programming, and Melissa proudly shares this meaningful content on a web site that travels well-beyond San Diego's borders.


Juanita LaHaye
Juanita is the marketing representative for UCSD-TV, facilitating the production of marketing materials and representing the channel at events on campus and in the community.

Office Administration

Natalie Ann Syster
Natalie handles the administrative duties and financial transactions for UCSD-TV, keeping us up and running as efficiently as ever.

News Articles and Press Releases

K35DG (UCSD-TV) Station Profile and Public Inspection File

2014 K35DG EEO Report (PDF)

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